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Running Through Petal Fields


“ Travel far enough, you meet yourself. ”

—    cloud atlas

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Mirrorcube Tree Hotel in Harads | Sweden

This hotel in Sweden is made of light-weight aluminum which hangs around the base of a tree. The exterior reflects the surroundings and the sky, which creates a camouflaged refuge
 while the interior is all made of plywood and windows that give off a 360 degree view
. The mirrorcube can accommodate two people and includes: a large bed, a small kitchenette and bath, a living room and roof terrace.

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What if chickens were the master race


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Me with chickens. Every time.

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Like other flowers, the Water Lily is rooted in soil, however it grows and floats in bodies of water. The leaves and flowers are above the water, while there rest of the plant stays below the water. “

The positive, exciting, unique aspects of the plants can be seen above the water.

Water lilies float on water while lotuses do not.